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The Keyboard Training Keyguard is a keyguard that helps a user learn how to use the keyboard by limiting them to a few keys at a time.  The keyboard comes with all key holes plugged.  You knock out the plugs on the keys you want to teach, and the student is limited to using those keys.  The plugs are secure enough to prevent accidentally becoming dislodged during use, but easy to pop out with heavy thumb pressure or a small screwdriver.  Once removed, the plugs may not be reinserted unless you secure them again with hot glue or an acrylic resin.

Once the student masters a set of keys, you remove some plugs from more keys, and so on, until you have opened the full set of keys the student will be using.

The keyguard comes in 1/4" acrylic and is mounted with 3M Dual Lock reclosable fasteners.  Choose clear acrylic if you want to see the covered keys, or choose a colored acrylic to hide them.

The Training Keyguard can be made for most keyboards, primarily being limited only by lack of a suitable area around the keys for mounting the Dual Lock.  If the keyboard you want is not listed, choose "Other".  You will need to provide us with a copy of the keyboard or laptop that we can have for two days to measure and test fit the keyguard.