Solidtek ACK 595 Keyboard Keyguard

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This keyguard fits the Solidtek ACU-595U Mini keyboard, also sold under the Adesso brand, and sometimes having different model numbers, including ACK-595UB, KB-595BU, KB-595BP, 595 PS2.  

The default keyguard comes with no attachment method.  It's up to you to mount the keyguard on the keyboard with something like Velcro or double-sided tape.  However, you can optionally order it with Velcro or attached straps to hold it in place.

Material - The default material is 3/16" clear acrylic.  If you need a thinner keyguard, you can choose 1/8" acrylic styrene, but it makes for very shallow key openings.  Alternatively, there are a number of 1/4' materials you can choose which leave deeper key openings and give you lots of choices for color.  Personalize your keyguard with an unfinished wood for an old-world or executive look..  Note:  The function keys along the top row will be difficult for large fingers to reach if you go with a thicker acrylic.