Quotation/Purchase Order

You can download a summary of these instructions as a convenient How to Purchase Order.pdf for the communication professional to share with the purchasing department.

Other manufacturers offer keyguards in limited designs, and you are required to set the software into the configuration supported by the keyguard.  Keyguard AT keyguards are truly custom made to match the exact configuration of the app you are using.  You choose the best settings for the student or patient, rather than having to conform the software to match the keyguard.  Because of that, we need to know all the details of that configuration before we design the keyguard.  This website is set up for you to specify exactly how you want the keyguard made, and it is also the basis for correctly placing a purchase order so we can serve you promptly, efficiently, and without errors. 

Please call us if you have any questions during this process.

If you don’t follow this procedure when creating a purchase order, your order will be on hold while we contact you for the missing information, and we will add a $50 order processing surcharge.  Keyguards not ordered with this procedure are not warranteed against design errors.

Create your order on this site by selecting each item you want, specifying the settings exactly as you have them set in the program.  If you choose a setting that is not the program’s default, an additional charge may be added for the time to customize the design. 

  1. Add each item to your shopping cart.  After adding the last item, click “Proceed to Checkout”.  If you don’t see “Proceed to Checkout”, click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Create a new user account or log in with your existing account.  Provide your billing and shipping information.  When you get to the Order Confirmation section, click “Quotation”.
  3. Enter any special instructions in the provided field.  Please read the Terms and Conditions, because it was not written by a lawyer, and instead gives you useful reminders about the information you need to provide to us.
  4. Click “Continue”.  The order will be submitted and the order number will be shown at the top of the screen.  You’ll also get a confirmation email showing exactly what you ordered, and so will we.
  5. Print the email confirmation and submit it to your purchasing department.  The only detail they need to provide us is the order number.  When we get the purchase order, we’ll look up your order by number and be ready to process it immediately.

Following this procedure takes the burden off the purchasing department by requiring the professional who’s ordering the product to ensure that it is ordered correctly.  Thank you for following this procedure.  We look forward to serving you promptly and accurately.