Acer Chromebook Spin 714 Keyguard

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Keyguard for the Acer Chromebook Spin 714.

This Chromebook gives us so little room around the keys that normal acrylic keyguards would be too fragile. Polycarbonate is the material of choice because of its lifetime guarantee against breakage. 1/8" polycarbonate will leave the surface of the keys just below the top surface of the keyguard.  1/4" polycarbonate will result in deeper holes, requiring a more deliberate touch.  1/16" polycarbonate will leave the keys almost flush with the top surface of the keyguard.

Because of the limited room around the keys, no attachment method is provided with this keyguard.  You'll need to attach it yourself with something like double-sided tape, Velcro, or mounting putty (Blu Tack, etc.)