Azio MK Retro Keyboard Keyguard

Keyguard AT
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This keyguard fits the Azio MK Retro USB keyboard with the round keys.  If you have any other version of the Retro keyboard, you can order a keyguard for it as a custom keyguard.

The keyguard is available in different materials. This item does not come with a keyboard. This is to order the keyguard only. The keyguard is attached to the keyboard with Dual Lock™ recloseable fasteners (included).  

Material - The default material is 3/16" clear acrylic.  If you need a thinner keyguard, you can choose 1/8" acrylic styrene, but it makes for very shallow key openings.  Alternatively, there are a number of 1/4' materials you can choose which leave deeper key openings and give you lots of choices for color.  Personalize your keyguard with an unfinished wood for an old-world or executive look.