Keyguards and COVID-19

Keyguards and COVID-19

With all the current school closures, demand for keyguards is down, so we've turned our attention to a cool way to use our laser cutters.

Tom and Theresa Lendway are the owners of the White Bear Makerspace, a great facility where people can come and use equipment they don't have at home.  During the statewide shutdown, the Lendways started making products to help people get through the tough times, like sewing patterns for facemasks.  One of the products they came up with is a small clip that attaches to the strap of a facemask to take the pressure off the wearer's ears.  That's an incredible relief to the people who have to wear a mask for many consecutive hours!  Here's a picture.

The Lendways called for donations of raw materials, manufacturing and shipping for this project, and are supplying the clips free of charge to those who need them.  We offered to put our two under-utilized laser cutters to work and are happy to have something for our skeleton crew to do while we wait for the keyguard orders to rebound.

Thanks, Tom and Theresa for such a great idea and for lettting us contribute!

The Keyguard AT Team