Cheap Talk 8 1-Level Key Covers

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These key covers fit the Cheap Talk 8 1-level Communicator.  They fit inside the colored inserts as shown in the picture above and prevent the user from accessing the covered openings.  They do not lock in, so we recommend securing them with something non-permanent like hot a little hot glue or Blu Tack.

If your Cheap Talk doesn't have the colored inserts like in the picture, or if you have the ones that are recessed deeper into the openings like on the Cheap Talk 8 6-level shown here, the key covers will still fit, but they will be very loose and will require a more secure way of locking them in place, like lots of hot glue or Blu Tack.

Available singly, for blocking one opening, or in a 4-pack, for blocking 4 openings at a time.  3D printed from white PLA.