Clevy Kids Mouse


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In a world where our children are exposed to computers and IT hardware at a young age, we think it is important for them to learn how to handle a computer mouse well and safely from a young age. The Clevy Kids Mouse is a great choice for small hands and people with special needs.

The three mouse buttons have high contrasting and saturated colors. This colorful design helps children distinguish between the different buttons on the mouse: the right button is red, the left button is blue, and the scroll wheel is green. This colorful design is inviting and non-intimidating for children and can even make it more fun for them to work with the computer.

The Clevy Kids Mouse has been designed especially for children between 2 and 10 years of age. Its size is a tad smaller than a typical mouse. The child's hand will fit over the mouse like a glove, ensuring a much better wrist position, making the Clevy Kids Mouse the safe choice for long-term use. The dimensions of the Clevy Kids Mouse are 100 x 55 x 35 mm.