HP Keyboard KU-0841 Keyguard

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This keyguard fits the HP KU-0841 keyboard.

BE CAREFUL!  Hewlett-Packard is currently selling a keyboard model KU-0841, sometimes called "multimedia", and IT'S NOT THIS ONE!  This one has been discontinued by HP, and the way to identify this one is the goofy arrangement of the arrow keys.  Instead of centered below the page editing keypad like on most extended keyboard, they're offset to the left about half a key, so the left arrow key extends part way under the right Shift key.  Look at the pictures carefully before ordering this keyguard.

This item does not come with a keyboard. This is to order the keyguard only.

This keyguard is attached with Velcro reclosable fasteners (included).  For a more permanent mount, you can have the keyguard oversized (see below).

Material - If you pick a 1/8" material, the top of the keys will be just below the surface of the keyboard. Most people prefer a material of 3/16" or greater, to give a little depth to the holes, requiring a more deliberate touch. 1/4" materials make for even deeper holes. A popular choice is polycarbonate, which has a lifetime guarantee against breakage and nice, bevelled edges which make the keyguard softer to the touch.