Keyguard Exchange

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We understand how easy it is to make a mistake. You intend to order a Landscape keyguard and accidently order a Portrait one. Or you meant to have 3 rows and 4 columns, but you order 4 rows and 3 columns. With our Keyguard Exchange you can exchange that incorrect keyguard for the correct one at a fraction of the cost. To use the Keyguard Exhange...

  1. The keyguard you are returning must be in a usable, resellable condition.
  2. The original order must have been placed within the last 30 days.
  3. You must return the original keyguard to us to receive the replacement. Replacements cannot be sent until the original is received back in our office. Please include a copy of your Keyguard Exchange order in the package when you return your original keyguard. 

How to Order a Keyguard Exchange

Order one Keyguard Exchange for each keyguard that you need to exchange.  Give us the following information about the new keyguard:

Original Order Number - Most keyguards have an order number engraved on them.  Enter that number.  If there is not a number on your keyguard, use the order number from the original packing slip or invoice.  That number will help us find the original design. 

Things to Change - Tell us in detail what you would like us to do differently on the new keyguard.

NOTE: If you ordered any options with your original keyguard (case attachment, color acrylic, thicker acrylic, etc.), you will need to re-order these items. The Keyguard Exchange covers the keyguard in the default materials only.  If you ordered straps with the original keyguard and want straps on the new keyguard, return the straps with the old keyguard and we will mount them on the new one.  Otherwise, keep the straps and you can mount them yourself when the new keyguard arrives.