Lenovo 300e Chromebook Keyguard

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Keyguard for the Lenovo 300e Chromebook.  Fits other Chromebooks that share the same keyboard.  Note the drawing of the keyguard.  If yours varies from the drawing on even a single key, the keyguard won't fit.  Call for assistance if you can't tell.

Keyguards for keyboards and laptops default to 3/16" clear acrylic.  1/8" acrylic-styrene is available for users who require the openings to be shallower.  It has a nice non-glare finish and a better warranty, but is more flexible and may become warped or dislodged. 

No attachment method is provided with this keyguard.  You'll need to attach it yourself with something like double-sided tape, Velcro, or mounting putty (Blu Tack, etc.)