MacBook Keyguard (older models)

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Keyguard for the Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Fits these models of MacBook

  • 13" late 2007 - mid 2009
  • Unibody 13" late 2009 - mid 2010

Fits these models of MacBook Air

  • 11" late 2010 - early 2015
  • 13" early 2008 - 2016

Fits these models of MacBook Pro

  • 13" late 2008 - early 2015
  • 15" late 2008 - mid 2015
  • 17" early 2009 - late 2011


  • MacBook 12" any model
  • MacBook Pro 15" early 2008
  • Any MacBook with Touch Bar

If you don't know the exact model year of your MacBook, send us a picture.  We can let you know if it's a design we support.

Call for availablity of unlisted models.  We may be able to support your laptop if you send us a picture.

Keyguards for keyboards and laptops default to 3/16" clear acrylic.  1/8" high-impact PMMA is available for users who require the openings to be shallower, but is not recommended, since it is more flexible and may become warped or dislodged. 

There are two options for the size of this keyguard.  On 13", 15" and 17" models it can be made to fit inside the narrow channel that surrounds the keyboard.  On all models it can be made with a 1/2" flange on all 4 sides that raise it slightly off the keyboard and allow extra room for mounting, as well as making the keyguard stronger.  It is safe to choose 1/8" clear acrylic when choosing the oversized option, but not with the fit to channel option.

No attachment method is provided with this keyguard.  You'll need to attach it yourself with something like double-sided tape, Velcro, or mounting putty (Blu Tack, etc.). 

Note:  You cannot close the MacBook lid while this keyguard is attached.