Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

$20.95 - $35.95
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The best value in rigid cases for the iPad, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of our favorites for making keyguards.  It offers more room for the keyguard than most, and is easy to open and reassemble for insertion of the iPad.  It features a dual layer design, impact resistant bumper, and built-in screen protector.
The Beetle works great with our most popular attachment, the snap-in attachment, because it is easier to take apart than most other rigid cases.  You will need to break the seal on two sides of the built-in screen protector (easy to do) to install the snap-in attachment.  Order the Velcro attachment if you need to change the keyguard often.  Straps can be used to attach the keyguard if the two preferred methods are not appropriate.
Suction cups and the magnetic attachment are not suitable for attachment of the keyguard to the Beetle case.  Suction tape is suitable only on apps that provide adequate room between the cells.
Product Features
  • Advanced dual layer designed case combined of Polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU withstands accidental drop, bumps and shock
  • Front cover with built-in screen protector prevents scratches without compromising sensitivity
  • Advanced front cover Snap-On design for EASY installation
  • All features accessible with case installed; Port covers keep out debris and dust; Sporty design with multi-color options
  • TPU lining absorbs shock during drops and falls
  • Kickstand pops out for landscape viewing

Note: The number after the iPad model you chose above is the number to select as the "To Fit Case" option when ordering a keyguard from this site.

How to Determine Which iPad You Have

On newer iPads, it's easy.  Go to the Settings app General settings and tap "About".  The Model Name is what you're looking for.  Select that model from the "Device" pull down menu above.

On older iPads, use the Model Number, which is really a part number that looks something like "ML0N2LL/A".  Do a Web search for that.  On the back of your iPad there's also a very tiny model number that looks something like "A1538".  Do a Web search for that, like "iPad A1538".