Adesso Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard Keyguard (#511)

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This keyguard fits the Adesso SlimTouch Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard models WKB-3100UB and AKB-310UB.  It would fit the SlimTouch 110 model AKB-110EB, but would have an extra opening for the trackball the 110 does not have.  It also fits some variations of this keyboard sold under different brand names on Amazon. 

IT DOES NOT FIT the Adesso Mini Desktop Keyboard or the Adesso SlimTouch Mini keyboard with the touch pad.

This item does not come with a keyboard. This is to order the keyguard only.

This keyguard is attached with Velcro reclosable fasteners (included).  For a more permanent mount, you can have the keyguard oversized (see below).

Size - The default size of the keyguard is the same as the keyboard.  You may optionally choose to add an oversized flange which adds an additional rim around the perimeter, extending beyond the keyboard and containing optional holes which you can use to devise your own mounting method.  These holes are 0.19" in diameter and fit a #10 machine screw.  Our screw kits fit these holes.

Material - The default material is 3/16" clear acrylic.  If you need a thinner keyguard, you can choose 1/8" acrylic styrene, but it makes for very shallow key openings.  Alternatively, there are a number of 1/4' materials you can choose which leave deeper key openings and give you lots of choices for color.  Personalize your keyguard with an unfinished wood for an old-world or executive look.