Alt ClearKeys Keyboard

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The ClearKeys keyboard by Alt is a full-sized 104-key extended keyboard designed for high visibility and easy distinction of the keys.  It's great for low-vision users and users with motor difficulties.

Features of the ClearKeys Keyboard

  • Large black-on-yellow keycaps for high visibility.
  • Matte finish of case and keycaps for reduced glare.
  • Keycaps are concave for tactile confirmation of center touch.
  • Clear distinction of home row keys F and J.
  • Long-travel keys reduce false activations.
  • Standard keyboard spacing for touch typing. 

The ClearKeys keyboard connects via USB.  If you're looking for an oversized keyboard, check out Alt's Clevy Keyboard which is available in USB or Bluetooth.

The Alt ClearKeys Keyguard (with Legends) is a laser-cut 1/4" matte black keyguard with the legends from the ClearKeys keyboard printed on the surface.  We also make custom keyguards to fit the ClearKeys in a variety of materials and thicknesses.