Extra Long Cable Ties (set of 6)

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Got a kid who loves to take things apart?  Keeps pulling the keyguard off no matter what you do or say?  Even takes the iPad out of the case when you're not looking?  These extra-long cable ties prevent a keyguard from being removed, and keeps the iPad securely locked in the case.  Wrap two of them around the case with the keyguard in place, centered on the bars of the grid.  It will then be nearly impossible for all but the most resourceful kids to remove the keyguard or the iPad without cutting the cable ties.  

Cable ties are rated with a tensile strength of 50 lb and the straps are 0.19 in wide.  21" cable ties are long enough to wrap around almost any iPad case.  For the absolute largest of cases, or if you want to go the long way around, you can link two of them together, but the keyguard is more secure if you go the short way around.

Not effective on really thick cases like the Big Grips.