Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard Keyguard (#555)

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This keyguard is for a Logitech Wireless Keyboard, model K270. It is cut from 3/16th inch clear acrylic. Option to upgrade to 1/4th inch is avaialble for an additional charge. Attaches with 3M Dual Lock reclosable fasterners. This item does not come with a keyboard. This is to order the keyguard only. The keyguard is attached to the keyboard with Dual Lock™ recloseable fasteners (included). 

Call for availability on keyguards for other Logitech Keyboards.

Version - The US English version is the version sold in the USA and has US English-style enter and shift keys.  It is sometimes available in other countries such as Canada.  The Non-US English version is the version available in Canada and Europe with the UK English-style enter and shift keys.  It is also available for other Latin languages such as Spanish or French.  Be sure you select the version that matches the keyboard you have.  The red lines on the illustrations show the differences.

Material - The default material is 3/16" clear acrylic.  If you need a thinner keyguard, you can choose 1/8" acrylic styrene, but it makes for very shallow key openings.  Alternatively, there are a number of 1/4' materials you can choose which leave deeper key openings and give you lots of choices for color.  Personalize your keyguard with an unfinished wood for an old-world or executive look.