Strap Attachment Kit

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The strap attachment allows your keyguard to be attached to virtually any case. You can even attach these straps to existing keyguards if the keyguard has keyholes for suction cups, no need to order a new keyguard or to drill holes in your existing one. Simply attach the nylon screws to the keyguard with the supplied washers and nuts, then attach the clip to the screw, tighten up the elastic and you're all set.

You will receive a set of 2 straps, one set is needed per keyguard if you do not wish to switch between keyguards.

Attachments are available in a variety of colors. 

Note: We do not recommend the use of straps for keyguards that are cut with a lot of openings and/or for cases with small screen openings.

Examples of keyguards that could be an issue are...
1: LAMP Words For Life
2: TouchChat Word Power 80
3: Speak4Yourself.

Examples of cases that could be an issue are...
1: Griffin Survivor
2: iAdapter
3: Otterbox Defender. 

This may not be a complete list, we will modify this list as needed.