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This temporary keyguard allows you to test the suitability of a keyguard for an iPad on-screen keyboard user.  The keyguard uses the same design files as our regular keyguards, so you know it will fit the layout of the screen perfectly.  

Temporary keyguards are laser cut from 1/8" foam board, the same thickness as our standard keyguards, so you can see how the end user will deal with the size and depth of the openings.  The keyguards do not fit any particular case, and they're not intended as a permanent solution, so they don't come with any attachment method.  You attach them with a temporary means like tape or Blu-Tack.  Suction tape is an excellent, more reliable attachment. 

There are two styles from which to choose:

  • Visible screen - The keyguard is slightly bigger than the visible portion of the screen.  It will fit loosely in 90% of iPad cases just the way it is.  If your case has a very small screen opening, like a GoNow or AMDI case, you can easily shave a hair off the edge with a razor knife to fit it.  
  • Full iPad - Select this style if you can test the iPad out of the case.  The keyguard will be made to cover the iPad screen.  This makes it stronger and gives you much more room for mounting to the iPad.  

App Settings and Options

This keyguard supports different designs based on user settings and preferences.  Each of these affects the positioning of items on the screen, and thus the design of the keyguard itself.  Your temporary keyguard will be truly custom-designed to match every one of the choices you make for the end user.

Orientation - Choose either landscape mode or portrait mode to match how the app will be used.  

Screen Size - Half Screen makes the keyguard only protect the onscreen keyboard area.  The rest of the app is left open.  Full screen covers the entire iPad screen, to prevent accidental touches outside the keyboard.

Keyboard - Choose the default iPad keyboard or an alternate keyboard you have installed.  

Layout - Choose the keyboard layout you want:  QWERTY/QWERTZ or AZERTY.

Suggestions - If Open, adds three openings for suggestions in the bar above the keyboard.  You control those suggestions with the iPad Settings App: General: English: Predictive setting.

Undo/Redo Buttons - If Open, adds an opening to the upper left of the keyboard for the Undo, Redo and Delete controls.

Font Style Buttons - If Open, adds an opening to the upper right of the keyboard for the Bold, Italic, and Underline controls.

Swipe Bar - If Open, adds an opening to the top center of the screen for use with apps that require right/left swiping, like for a page-turn.  This setting only applies with the Full Screen Size.  Half Screen keyguards leave the entire area open.

Swipe to Home - Newer iPads don't have a home button for returning to the home screen, so they require the user to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to return to home.  If the user doesn't need access to the home screen, or if you're using a virtual home button, you can leave this closed for a much stronger and more esthetic keyguard.  If the user will need to swipe to return to the home screen, you can open this, but note that this leaves an ugly notch in the bottom edge of the keyguard.  The keyguard will be much weaker, and it may allow access to items on the bottom of the screen that would otherwise be unaccessible.

Special Instructions - Use this field to communicate any other information we need to know about the keyguard.