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This temporary keyguard allows you to test the suitability of a keyguard for a TouchChat user.  The keyguard uses the same design files as our regular keyguards, so you know it will fit the layout of the screen perfectly.  

Temporary keyguards are laser cut from 1/8" foam board, the same thickness as our standard keyguards, so you can see how the end user will deal with the size and depth of the openings.  The keyguards do not fit any particular case, and they're not intended as a permanent solution, so they don't come with any attachment method.  You attach them with a temporary means like tape or Blu-Tack.  Suction tape is an excellent, more reliable attachment. 

There are two styles from which to choose:

  • Visible screen - The keyguard is slightly bigger than the visible portion of the screen.  It will fit loosely in 90% of iPad cases just the way it is.  If your case has a very small screen opening, like a GoNow or AMDI case, you can easily shave a hair off the edge with a razor knife to fit it.  
  • Full iPad - Select this style if you can test the iPad out of the case.  The keyguard will be made to cover the iPad screen.  This makes it stronger and gives you much more room for mounting to the iPad.  

App Settings and Options

This keyguard supports different designs based on user settings and preferences.  Each of these affects the positioning of items on the screen, and thus the design of the keyguard itself.  Your temporary keyguard will be truly custom-designed to match every one of the choices you make for the end user.

TouchChat Version - Specify which version of TouchChat you are running so we know which version of the layout to use.  Unless you're on an older iPad that cannot be upgraded, you should probably choose "2.26 or newer".

Layout - If you're using a standard TouchChat layout like WordPower without alteration, select the layout here.  If your layout is not listed, or if you've changed the number of rows or columns, choose "Other Grid".

Rows and Columns - If you chose "Other Grid" as your layout, specify the rows and columns here.

!! IMPORTANT NOTE !! - In iOS 11, Apple changed the way the apps handle the status bar at the top of the screen.  As a result, it completely broke TouchChat when Keyguard Inset was off. (It should always be on when using TouchChat with a keyguard.  TouchChat fixed that problem with version 2.10.3, but they added a new setting - Status Bar - that completely changes the fit of the keyguard when on.  So it's crucial that you look in the Page Size section of your TouchChat settings and order the keyguard to match your settings.  If either of those settings don't match what you order, the keyguard will not fit.

Status Bar - In the Page Size section, near the top of the Settings screen.  You'll only have this option in TouchChat version 2.10.3 or later.  If you have an earlier version, answer "Off".  

Keyguard Inset - In the Page Size section, near the top of the Settings screen.  When on, this setting causes extra whitespace at the top and bottom of the screen.  It makes the keyguard stronger, so we don't warranty the keyguard against breakage if you turn Keyguard Inset off.  If off, we may also have to put a vertical reinforcing bar (or two) in the middle of the speech display, depending on the size of the case opening.  

Speech Display - The first setting in the Speech Display Bar section.  Select "Open (Visible)" if you want to show the text and/or icons at the top of the screen as the user types.  Don't be confused by the double-negative in the setting name.  Hide Speech Display off means it's open!  

The following three settings, also found in the Speech Display Bar section, only apply if the speech display is open.

Show Icons - If this setting is on, icons will be displayed above the text in the speech display.  Note:  If the number of lines (below) is greater than 1, the Show Icons setting goes away.

Font Size - Choose whatever you have for this setting.  If you specify a font size other than what you have in the settings, the keyguard won't fit.

Number of Lines - Select how many lines of text you want the user to be able to type in a single "sentence".

Button Margin - This is the last setting in the Buttons section.  Button Margin controls the size of the space between the cells.  If you make the button margin smaller than what we recommend, the keyguard will cover the edges of the cells.  That is not serious with a clear keyguard, but why not give the user an unobstructed view of the entire cell?  The larger the button margin, the more space between the cell openings, and the stronger the keyguard, too.

How the Button Margin works has changed several times in the app.  If your TouchChat version is

less than 2.17.0, choose "None".  

2.19 - 2.25, we recommend a button margin of 25 or more so we can design the keyguard to exactly match your screen. 

2.26 or greater, we recommend a button margin of 10 or more on an iPad Mini or 9.7", and 15 or more on an iPad 10.2" or greater. 

Be sure to try the Button Margin setting on your iPad before ordering, so you are not surprised by what it does!

Openings for Menu and Vocab buttons - This is not a TouchChat setting.  Just indicate if you want openings over these two buttons in the green bar, Vocab, Menu, Neither or Both.  If they're not open, you will not be able to use them without removing the keyguard or rotating the iPad.

Cell Openings - The default cell openings are rectangles with rounded corners.  If you choose circles or squares, they will be centered in the cells, the same size as the cell's height.  The extra space helps the user differentiate between the cells, and allows a little place for fingers to rest between the cells.  If you choose squares or circles, do not choose colored acrylic, as some information will be covered by the keyguard.

Reduce Openings To - If you specify a maximum opening size, the dimensions of the grid cells will be reduced so they are no bigger than the maximum you specified.  If the cells would naturally be 1" wide and ".5" high, and you specified a maximum of  0.75", the cells would be reduced to 0.75" x 0.5".  Round or square openings are reduced in both dimensions to the specified size.  If the cells are already smaller than the specified size, nothing will change.   

Special Instructions - Use this field to communicate any other information we need to know about the keyguard.