Velcro/Magnetic Attachment

Keyguard AT
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Normally, you won't order this item separately.  Instead, choose it from the "Attachment" or "Mounting" options when you order a keyguard.  Order it here only if you need to add it to an existing order that has not yet been processed.

The attachment is a second piece of styrene-acrylic which is bonded to the keyguard and rests on top of the case.  It strengthens the keyguard and provides a flat surface for mounting.  It is typically secured with self-adhesive Velcro.  On cases with a smooth, flat bezel it can be secured with suction cup tape, which keeps the keyguard closer to the screen.


  • Quickest way to detach and reattach a keyguard for a user who uses more than one app.
  • Strengthens the keyguard considerably.
  • Can be added to a keyguard retroactively in some cases.


  • Only supports certain specific cases.
  • Velcro must occasionally be replaced.
  • Magnets can only be used when the screen bezel is flat and level.